Derry berrigan

An internationally recognized lighting anthropologist, designer, and speaker, Derry Berrigan is the co-founder of Light Think, an organization dedicated to enriching experiences, shrinking energy obesity, and propelling sustainable progress through the innovation interface of light. As chief lighting anthropologist, Derry leads all field research, gaining insights into the visual experience of people who will actually be using what is designed and built. Insights inspire ideas and ideas inspire innovation. 

In addition to leading this increasingly important area of research, Derry is a sought-after keynote speaker and expert panelist at conferences worldwide, sharing stories and insights gained from her extensive fieldwork and research. She is a highly regarded industry expert and accomplished commentator on the intersection of light, technology, innovation, and business. As a widely recognized authority she has been featured in many
publications including the New York Times, Building Design + Construction, and LEDs Magazine.

At the age of nine, Derry learned first-hand about retail and “seeing the individual” to stimulate sales by working in her grandparents’ Supervalu grocery stores, and at seventeen she started her first company in technology. She was the first designer to implement architectural “white” LED lighting technology in 2006. And, Derry has led strategic consulting projects with Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, McDonald’s, 
Bank of America, and YUM! Brands.

Derry also co-founded Light Think University (LTU), an experiential education nonprofit
with a mission to empower every student to become a confident innovator who cares
through multi-semester hands-on innovation training using the built environment as
the canvas for innovation. 

When not in the air or on the road, Derry can most likely be found walking Duke
through Grant Park enjoying the beautiful day in Chicago (yes, even in winter).

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